Born in March 1969, I began in astronomy at the age of 10.

At 14 years old, I already began the construction of a telescope of 200 mm …

Since then, I realized about fifty instruments of diameters, focal and of different optical configurations.

Fascinated by photography, I was known by means of exhibitions and conferences.

Regularly published in magazines ciel et espace, Astronomie magazine and Astrosurf magazine, I also write numerous articles on the techniques of recording and on the construction of instruments.

I am at present scientific presenter in the Planetarium of Nîmes.


Instruments–setup.( sm=self made)


Equatorial Newton 510 mm  F/4 (sm)

Newton Dobson 600 mm  F/4 (sm)

Newton Dobson 620 mm  F/4 (sm)

Equatorial Newton 410 mm  F/5.6 (sm)

Equatorial Schmidt-Cassegrain C.14  355 mm  F/11

Equatorial Newton 360 mm  F/3.7.

Equatorial Newton-Cassegrain 310 mm  F/6 (sm)

Equatorial Newton 210 mm  F/6 (sm)

Equatorial Newton 275 mm  F/3.3 (sm)

Equatorial Newton 205 mm  F/4 (sm)

Refractor 204 mm F/8.8

Refractor 228 mm H-alpha F/9

Refractor 150 mm F/7 APO

Refractor 80 mm F/7

Coronograph 95 mm F/15 (sm)

Coronograph 150 mm F/15 (sm)

Coronograph 225 mm F/13 (sm)

Canon 300 mm F/2.8

Accessories :

Sony A7s astrodon

Eos 5DmII astrodon

Solar Coronado filter  PST 1A

Mont AP 900 GTO + AP 1200 GTO + Mountegra Gemini

ASi cameras 290 M /178MM / 462 MC

Basler ACA 1300 + Basler ACA 640 + Basler 1920-155

Color wheel with RVB / IR  filters  31.75mm Atik/Baader

 Softwares used:

Photomatix pro 6

Iris 5.59

Registax 6


Autostakkert 4


Photoshop CS6

Kolor autopano giga



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